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Is a Dual Living Home Right for You? Family and Lifestyle Benefits


Building a dual living home is an ideal investment for investors and modern families alike

Building a dual living home is an ideal investment for investors and modern families alike. With two self-contained living spaces in the one property, you can easily generate rental income or accommodate elderly parents, adult children or friends and family without having to make any sacrifices to your lifestyle. With more than 40 years of building and design experience, Everyday Homes deliver dual living homes which are functional, affordable and perfectly suited to modern family lifestyles. If you’re having trouble working out whether a dual living home is the right fit for you, the benefits below may just convince you.

Keep Your Family Close with Multi-Generational Living

As the cost of living continues to rise and available rentals become scarcer, many families are realising the benefits of multi-generational living. This can be a great way to help elderly parents/grandparents maintain their independence whilst also strengthening family bonds. Adult children saving up for a house deposit can also benefit, as they will enjoy private self-contained accommodation whilst remaining in close proximity of family.

Everyday Homes are pleased to offer an extensive range of dual living designs, as well as the option of a detached granny flat. Every member of the family can enjoy comfortable accommodation, with each design equipped with all the modern necessities for daily life. Family is the most important asset we have in life. With a dual living home from Everyday Homes, you can give the gift of time and housing security to your nearest and dearest.

A Lucrative Investment Opportunity

Building a dual living home can be a very lucrative investment opportunity, enabling you to rent out one or more dwellings to generate income. Some people choose to live in one half of their dual living home whilst renting out the other, whilst others offer up both living spaces for short term stays on Airbnb or through a local agency. Perhaps you are thinking of doing a lap of Australia or extended overseas trip? Consider renting out your dual occupancy home whilst you are away to generate passive income and help fund your travels.

If you seek a cash flow positive investment strategy, investing in a dual living home is one of the better options out there. Once building is complete, it typically takes less than a month to secure a tenant (or tenants) and start realising immediate returns. Due to the rapidly increasing property prices, a large portion of the population are seeking alternative living arrangements. A dual occupancy home is ideal for people in these circumstances. As a landlord, you can expect a high level of interest and be able to collect rent from two separate dwellings. This makes a dual occupancy home an ideal starter investment with the potential for excellent returns, helping you to pay off your mortgage quicker and start building your retirement savings.

Private, Secure Accommodation for Tenants, Friends and Family

No matter how you choose to use your dual living home, all occupants will enjoy safety, security and modern comforts within a self-contained living space. Whether you have family visiting from interstate, overseas or you are looking to draw a rental income, having the extra space is sure to come in handy. Dual living homes can also benefit those looking to undertake significant renovations in an area of their home such as the kitchen, bathroom or living area. Whilst renovations are underway, you can make use of your second dwelling to avoid any lifestyle disruptions.

Everyday Homes are leading the way in dual occupancy home designs, with each home making optimal use of space and natural lighting. With a kitchen, bathroom, internet access and more your guests can lead an independent lifestyle without wanting anything more.

Speak with Everyday Homes 

Modern lifestyles need modern homes, and a dual living home is ideal for investors and families alike. Discover our great range of award-winning home designs and speak with a member of our team today by calling 1300 72 55 00. We look forward to assisting you.

Blogs 5-Reasons-a-Granny-Flat-is-a-Great-Family-Investment 31