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Multigenerational Homes & Designs

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Multigenerational Homes & Designs

Welcome to our Multigenerational Living solutions. We understand the ever-changing dynamics of family life and the need for homes to adapt to people of all demographics. Australia has witnessed a recent surge in multigenerational housing. In fact, over four million Australians have already embraced this living arrangement. So, what exactly is a multigenerational home? A multigenerational home is a space where multiple generations of a family coexist under one roof. The popularity of these homes is no surprise, given the numerous benefits they offer. 

At Everyday Homes, crafting exceptional multigenerational house plans is our expertise, and our mission is to ensure the satisfaction of every family member. Our multigenerational homes are designed for practical and affordable family living, helping different generations share a roof harmoniously. Whether you're looking for interconnected living spaces or separate quarters, we've got you covered. 

This living arrangement typically includes grandparents, parents, and children, promoting close family ties and support. Our designs focus on a sensible blend of independence and comfort, unlocking your property's potential for family well-being. At Everyday Homes, we understand the real-life needs of modern families, providing a space where generations can coexist seamlessly. It's not just a home; it's a functional solution for practical Multigenerational Living. This is a space where family unity meets everyday convenience.


At Everyday Homes, crafting exceptional multigenerational house plans is our expertise, and our mission is to ensure the satisfaction of every family member.

Customisable Multigenerational Home Plans

Discover the ultimate flexibility in living arrangements with our Customisable Multigenerational Home Plans. We understand that every family is unique, and that's why we offer a diverse range of plans to cater to various needs. Whether you're looking for dual-key homes, where separate living spaces coexist harmoniously under one roof, or attached homes with shared walls that promote connectivity, our plans are designed to accommodate your preferences.

Our granny flats provide an ideal solution for those seeking a balance between independence and proximity. These self-contained units offer autonomy while keeping loved ones within close reach. Additionally, our two-story homes with separate living spaces on each floor provide a dynamic and spacious environment for multigenerational living.

What sets our Multigenerational Home Plans apart is the ability to customise them according to your family's specific requirements. We prioritise adaptability, ensuring your living space aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle. Embrace the freedom to tailor your home to suit the diverse dynamics of your family with our thoughtfully curated and flexible home plans.

Designs Catering to Diverse Family Needs

Homes can be a puzzle, not because of the bricks and beams, but because of the people who fill the space. That's where we come in. We create homes that seamlessly fit your family's diverse needs. Our homes are thoughtfully crafted to accommodate the different needs of your family. If you desire privacy, practical solutions like two master suites on separate floors will ensure everyone gets their space. If you’re looking for family bonding experiences, adding spacious and open living spaces will help promote and bring you that togetherness. 

With over 40 years of experience in building and design, Everyday Homes is dedicated to bring your ideal home to life. Step into a home where every detail is crafted to suit your family's unique needs—an Everyday Home where comfort effortlessly blends with diversity.


Step into a home where every detail is crafted to suit your family's unique needs—an Everyday Home where comfort effortlessly blends with diversity.

Recognising Multigenerational Living Trends

Backing Multigenerational Living Trends is essential, especially considering the growing trend of adult children living at home for longer. Everyday Homes addresses this reality by focusing on practical design elements that make homes future-proof for changing family dynamics.

Our designs prioritise adaptability, ensuring homes can smoothly accommodate shifts in family living. This isn't just a trend but a response to the fact that children are moving out of their homes at an increasingly slower rate. With this fact alone, the designs of homes must meet the demands of Australia's housing trends.

Supporting multigenerational living means investing in a home that aligns with the practical aspects of modern family life. We are committed to creating spaces that respect the need for independence within the family, offering an environment where ageing children can comfortably stay while maintaining their autonomy. 

A Focus on Privacy and Independence

Family time is essential, but we also understand how integral privacy and independence are. In multigenerational homes, we know the diversity of each home and how privacy is needed to offer independence and freedom. Our zone-style homes offer distinct private areas that help foster a heightened sense of autonomy within the family unit. By allocating different sections of the house to various generations, like finished granny flats, we ensure each family member has their own personalised space. Our approach goes beyond just tailoring each family member's living experience; personalised private spaces add further value to the available open areas in your home. Hence, it underscores the advantages of a multigenerational setting.


Unveiling a concept unique to Everyday Homes, this housing solution is tailored to accommodate extended family members within the main dwelling. Designed to offer comfort, security, and affordability, these homes feature a separate room with an ensuite and provision for a service area, all without the need for special approvals. With the flexibility to accommodate a 4-bedroom home plus a coliving unit on lots under 450sqm, Everyday Homes offers versatile living solutions tailored to your family's needs.

These purpose-built residences promote community values while prioritizing personal space and affordability. Seniors can discover a fresh retirement lifestyle that fosters connection, safety, and well-being. Families, on the other hand, reap the rewards of living in close proximity, enhancing financial stability and relationships through multigenerational living.

Our Service

Multigenerational homes may seem complex, and you're right; they are. There are various aspects you need to consider. However, we handle these complexities, so you don't have to. We collaborate with you to ensure that we're both on the same page regarding the following:

  • Floor plans - Our commitment starts with understanding your lifestyle, needs, and preferences. We tailor floor plans to optimise space utilisation to align with your family dynamics. From open concepts to designated private areas, our floor plans are crafted to reflect your unique living requirements.

  • Cost management - We understand the significance of staying within budget. Everyday Homes provides transparent and practical advice on managing costs without compromising quality. Our team collaborates with you to make informed decisions, ensuring your dream home is achievable without financial stress.

  • Optimising designs for specific land types - Land diversity is embraced at Everyday Homes. Our designs are ingeniously crafted for all lot types to harmonise with the natural terrain. We maximise views and minimise excavation costs, helping create picturesque homes with the landscape and neighbourhood.

  • Approval requirements - The approval process for multigenerational living designs can vary depending on the specific layout and configuration. At Everyday Homes, we understand the complexities involved and offer comprehensive support throughout the approval process, including any necessary subdivision procedures. Whether it's obtaining approvals for additional dwelling units or navigating zoning regulations, our team ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start when building a multi-generational home?

Start by defining your family's needs, setting a budget, and selecting a suitable multigenerational house design. Consult with professionals, understand local regulations, and prioritise what features best suit your family's needs. Contact us now, and we will help kickstart your multigenerational home today.

Are there any disadvantages to multigenerational homes?

Disadvantages of a multigenerational home may include potential privacy issues, challenges coordinating shared spaces, and differences in lifestyle preferences. However, Everyday Homes helps eliminate these issues by collaborating and meeting our valued clients' needs. 

How common is multigenerational living now?

Multigenerational living has become increasingly common. Economic factors, cultural shifts, and changing demographics have contributed to a rise in multigenerational households. Many families choose this arrangement to share resources, provide support, and strengthen familial bonds in the face of evolving societal dynamics.

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Frequently Asked Questions