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Knock Down Rebuild Sydney

Looking for a modern upgrade to your Sydney home? Select from the latest appliances, colour schemes, and design trends to create a home design that meets your lifestyle needs while staying in the same address you call home. 

This is a perfect solution for people with growing families and those seeking new lifestyle opportunities without sacrificing the setting you and a growing family are nestled in. 

There’s no need to leave behind your friendships and community ties to move further afield and away from Sydney. Simply knock down your existing home and relax while we work on turning it into a utopia for yourself and your family. Start your knockdown journey and talk with the rebuild specialists today! 


Everyday Homes - We’re the Knockdown Rebuild Specialists

Opting for a knockdown rebuild allows you to customise your home to your heart’s desire. Select from the latest appliances, colour schemes and design trends to create a home which meets your present and future needs, all whilst retaining the same address. This is ideal for people with growing families, as well as those seeking new lifestyle opportunities.

Everyday Homes is pleased to offer a wide range of award-winning home designs, including single or double-storey, Granny Flats, Dual Occupancy, Duplex, and dual living arrangements. 

 There’s a new home to suit every budget, block and personal preference. Start your knockdown rebuild journey with us today.

Benefits of Knocking Down and Rebuilding your Existing Property

Why leap into a knockdown and rebuild project in Syndey? At Everyday Homes, we’re here to help you with every step of the home-building process. We know that choosing to rebuild is not as stressful as it sounds. 

There are multiple advantages of rebuilding, a process that could help improve your initial investment and dream lifestyle, including: 

  • The potential for high rental income. 

  • Strong value growth.

  • Maintain proximity to work and lifestyle opportunities. 

  • Cost-effective alternative to moving further afield or undertaking extensive renovations.

  • Create your brand new house in your existing dwelling and existing location.

  • Retain your Sydney ties and friendships.

If you’re in need of some inspiration for your knockdown rebuild journey, drop into one of our south coast Sydney display centres to discover the latest home designs and trends for your very own rebuild. We want the visualisation process to be more than just a blueprint in your mind…

Staffed by our knowledgeable team of sales consultants, our Oran Park, Homeworld Leppington, and Leppington Living display centres showcase the attention to detail, quality, and planning that Everyday Homes is renowned for. 

Discover how quality inclusions, expansive colour options, and intelligent design can bring your brand-new home to life.  

Knock Down Rebuild with Our 7 Step Process

When you knock down and rebuild, you demolish your old house and replace it with a new, contemporary, and energy-efficient home. With Everyday Homes, starting your knockdown rebuild journey couldn’t be simpler.

Knock-Down-Rebuild 1-enquiry-free-consultation

01. Enquiry & free Consultation

You can visit our Sales Centres to meet with one of our consultants or schedule an online appointment for a consultation.

Knock-Down-Rebuild 2-finalise-your-new-home-design

02. Finalise your new home design

Our consultants will work with you to review all design details and ensure that the modifications suit your block and lifestyle. We strive to provide the finest architectural support and ensure that the facade delivers your desired outcome.

Knock-Down-Rebuild 3-fix-your-tender-price

03. Fix your tender price

Once the design details are finalized, we submit your request to our estimators who provide a transparent and fixed price tender. With us, you won't have to worry about any unexpected costs or hidden surprises.

Knock-Down-Rebuild 4-colour-selection-and-finishes

04. Colour selection and finishes

Gain inspiration at our Design Hub, exclusively available to our clients. Collaborate with one of our expert interior designers who will guide your family through the crucial process of selecting colours and materials. Our vast collection of lavish fixtures and fittings will provide you with a selection to suit every need.

Knock-Down-Rebuild 5-council-and-statutory-approvals

05. Council and statutory approvals

After colour selections, contract signing and finalised plans. We take care of all the necessary documentation required for council development and construction approval, including the engineering requirements.

Knock-Down-Rebuild 6-construction

06. Construction

The real action begins once you've entrusted us. We'll erect safety fences, demolish the existing structure, and begin building your dream home. Our qualified builders and site supervisors will ensure that the construction meets high standards of quality at every stage.

Knock-Down-Rebuild 7-move-into-your-new-home

07. Move into your new home

After all the hard work, your dream home is finally complete! Our team will conduct a comprehensive final inspection to ensure everything meets our high standards of quality and craftsmanship. Once this is complete, we’ll arrange a handover meeting to provide you with all the necessary documentation and warranties, as well as a tour of your new home. Our team will also be on hand to address any questions or concerns you may have. Finally, it's time to move in and start enjoying your brand-new home. At Everyday Homes, we take pride in delivering homes that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a knockdown rebuild?

A knock down rebuild is when homeowners arrange to knock down their existing home and build a new house on their land, instead of renovating parts of their home or moving to a new location.

Why should I Rebuild rather than Renovate?

Rebuilding rather than renovating with Everyday Homes offers significant benefits, from cost-effectiveness to customisation. 

Minimising disruption and maximising efficiency compared to a brand new home build, Everyday Homes works with you for the entire process to ensure a stress-free experience. It allows for a home that reflects your desires and needs, incorporating modern, sustainable features and luxurious finishes. 

Beyond aesthetics, it enhances your investment, allowing you to utilise the full benefits of your land and stay in your desired neighbourhood. It also helps you avoid unforeseen surprise site costs linked to renovation, such as structural issues or outdated systems.

The knockdown rebuild process is not only a strategic but a dynamic choice for a hassle-free, updated home solution tailored to you and your family's preferences. 

Knockdown Rebuild vs Renovation

Many homeowners are surprised to discover that major renovations can cost up to ten percent more than knock down and rebuild projects. Opting for a rebuild can be more cost-effective when considering the dollar cost per square meter, as savings can be achieved through bundle work and bulk ordering of materials. Additionally, clearing a block of land is often cheaper than knocking down and rebuilding specific sections of a property. Rebuilding from scratch also provides more control over the project, as there is no need to compromise on existing design features that no longer suit your needs or accommodate the original layout. Furthermore, rebuilding is faster than renovating an entire home, and can enhance the value of your property. With every section of your home being new and built to the highest quality, there is no need to worry about sections of your home aging faster than others.

When to knockdown and rebuild?

There are several reasons why knocking down and rebuilding your home can be a great option. If your family is growing, your current home may no longer be suitable, or you may need to renovate multiple rooms. Perhaps you desire a modern and contemporary house or love the location but not the home. Knocking down and rebuilding can also be more affordable than buying a brand-new property, making it an excellent option for those who want to stay in their desired location while upgrading their home.

How long does it take?

The duration of a knock down rebuild project varies depending on various factors, but typically takes 10 to 12 months to complete. These factors include local planning approval, weather conditions, council permits, soil issues, tree removal, and the disconnection and removal of services such as water, gas, and electricity. The location of your property also plays a significant role. Once we have assessed your property in the initial phase, we can provide a more precise estimate of the timeframe for completion.

How much does it cost to Knockdown and Rebuild your property?

The knockdown and rebuild cost of your property with Everyday Homes starts with demolition costs approximately between $25,000 and $35,000. 

All the costs will vary based on location, design choices, and the specifics of your project. 

For a comprehensive estimate tailored to your project, contact Everyday Homes directly, keeping your requirements and needs in mind.

Are Everyday Homes Knock Down Rebuild Specialists? Why should I choose Everyday Homes for the Knock Down Rebuild Process?

Everyday Homes brings more to a build than just experience. We bring skills, determination and a company culture that encourages excellence in everything we do. 

Everyday Homes proudly offers every Knockdown Rebuild project an unmatched Everyday Advantage that you won’t find anywhere else – Our 8-Point Guarantee. 

This is what sets us apart from our competitors. It includes eight leading-edge guarantees other builders won’t offer, including:

  • No Upfront Deposit

  • $80,000 Customer Protection

  • Double Industry Warranties

  • Unlimited Concrete Piers

  • Core Build System

  • Site Inspection - Option to Bring Your Own Inspector

  • Australian Family Owned knockdown rebuild specialist

  • Over 40 Years Strong

Get in touch and choose Everyday Homes for your knock down and rebuild project. We are the friendly knockdown rebuild specialists, here to transform your existing house into your new and unique home.

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Frequently Asked Questions