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Everyday Homes

Building homes that can stand the test of time. We’ve been doing it for over forty years.

Everyday Homes brings more to a build than just experience. We bring skills, determination and a company culture that encourages excellence in everything we do.

Making architecturally designed homes possible for everyday Aussies

Why Everyday Homes?

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In business – since 1981.

✔️ Company is 100% Australian Owned.

✔️ People who own the company run the company.

✔️ Housing Industry Association & Master Builders Association Award Winning Builder.

✔️ The owner is a qualified builder and involved in all steps of the building process.

✔️ 180-day maintenance period – double the industry standard.

✔️ Sustainability is an integral part of Everyday Homes’ culture.

✔️ Job tracking system ensures each home is commenced and built in the shortest time frame possible.

✔️ In-house selection centre "Design Hub" to explore your needs and dreams by choosing colours and fittings for your home.

✔️ Complete guarantee whereby we are committed to delivering value for money.

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Celebrating 40 years of achievements

1970’s | Functional & Practical

About-Everyday-Homes 1970s

The original focus for Everyday Homes (before we were Everyday Homes) was providing Home & Land packages in the mid-north coast of NSW.

1980’s | Different & Innovative

About-Everyday-Homes 1980s

The name Everyday Homes was established in 1981 and its first black, white and red logo was created. While the previous trend of functional and practical living had dominated the 70’s, the 80’s saw a shift of focus to designs being different and innovative.

1990’s | Efficient & Greener

About-Everyday-Homes 1990s

Once being different and innovative had successfully been achieved, the 90’s changed direction and home design became more about being ‘green’. Energy efficiency was the biggest driver behind this movement, and Everyday Homes could see its importance and adapted accordingly with the introduction of their high-quality Greenstyle Home Designs.

2000’s | Continued & Consistent Reputation & Growth

About-Everyday-Homes 2000s

Throughout the decade, Everyday Homes had earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and trustworthy home builders in Sydney. This reputation has been built on a commitment to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and a dedication to providing top-quality homes at affordable prices.

2010’s | Integrity & Success

About-Everyday-Homes 2010s

Within 10 years of the smooth and seamless take-over, Everyday Homes maintained its renowned integrity and success by winning numerous State and National Awards. Everyday Homes continued to grow to achieve an outstanding and honourable reputation amongst the building industry.


About-Everyday-Homes 2020s

Today during the 2020's Everyday Homes celebrated 40 years of Building which took place in 2021. Maintaining the meticulous quality and extensive knowledge gained over the successful 40 years Everyday Homes are not only pioneers in ready built homes and home and land packages but are also founders of the ‘home within a home’ design; a collection of dual occupancy and granny flat designs. 

Early 2023 saw the launch of the Design Hub, a state of the art in house selection centre designed for clients to explore internal and external finishes.

The latest innovation from Everyday Homes, and one of the first of its kind in Australia is the Build and Buy online tool. This is an automated system allowing customers to completely create their dream home all online from floorplan, to facade through to upgrades and being able to lock in the price with depositing online.  The simplicity and upfront pricing with no hidden costs has proven Build and Buy to be a great success.

2024 will see the development of 7 brand new display homes in Sydney

About-Everyday-Homes 1970s

About-Everyday-Homes 1980s

About-Everyday-Homes 1990s

About-Everyday-Homes 2000s

About-Everyday-Homes 2010s

About-Everyday-Homes 2020s

Everyday Homes Beginnings

So it all started over 40 years ago...

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Everyday Homes is an Australian family business, that was established in 1981. The founding director was already building new homes, so the journey began over 40 years ago.

The early business model was based on building fixed price home and land packages on the mid north coast of NSW. Everyday Homes were pioneers in the house and land market during this period. Shortly after, Everyday Homes began contract building on clients’ own land. Everyday Homes then built it’s very first display home. It was simple in design, but the concept of exhibiting a home with quality and affordability in mind remains today. Display Homes have come a long way since the first display homes were built in the early 80’s. Now all homes feature the latest inclusions to suit any budget and lifestyle.

Every home that is built on a client’s own block of land (a “MY HOME”) is specifically designed and built to your individual requirements, so that no two homes are the same. A custom designed home is within reach with our extensive buying power and strong relationships with trusted partners.

Whether it is custom detailed joinery work, designer bathrooms, innovative construction methods, or a custom design, we thrive even on the most challenging building projects.

As a multi-award-winning home builder, we have over 40 years’ experience building homes to suit all different lifestyles, whether it is your first home, or you are upgrading to an architecturally designed home, looking to invest with dual-occupancy, even homes on acreage.

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Company History

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While the foundation of a home is made of concrete and steel, the true foundation of Everyday Homes is its people.

Every individual involved in a project, including designers, tradespeople, Sales staff and project managers, contributes a unique aspect to it. Therefore, it's crucial to have faith in the people working on the project. Everyday Homes is dedicated to their core values of respect, commitment, innovation, and pride, and they retain skilled staff to ensure that their clients receive the best service from experienced professionals.

In contrast to most home building companies, Everyday Homes employs professional building designers who will work with our sales staff to ensure that your specific needs are met. These consultations come at no cost to the client, and they allow for a clear understanding of requirements, preventing rushed decisions that could lead to design or inclusion errors. The assigned sales professional will guide the client through the sales process until the build contracts are signed, ensuring effective communication throughout the process.

At Everyday Homes, project managers are experienced industry leaders who have completed the highest level of industry training. As employees, they are responsible for managing all aspects of the build process with professionalism and efficiency.

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