With over 40 years building homes we have some experience with what you want included in your new home. Which is why we have created two ranges of homes.

Our Designer Series allows for customisation to suit your individual requirements, with the option to meet with our internal architect to custom design a home for you.

With our Build & Buy tool, you can create your own quote online and select the options that best suit your needs. 


Designer Series Inclusions


The Designer Series Inclusions is for the discerning customer, available with our Designer range, Custom Homes, Acreage, Duplex & Dual Living Homes. 

The Designer Plus Inclusions includes everything you need PLUS more to add that extra bit of indulgence to your home.

Click here to download our Designer Series and Designer Plus Inclusions.


Build & Buy Inclusions


The Build & Buy Inclusions have been designed for simplicity, aligning with our online quoting tools you can customise the level that best suits your needs with pre-priced options.

Click here to download our standard Build & Buy Inclusions List.