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At Everyday Homes we practice what we preach. Our display homes demonstrate the attention to detail, quality and planning that we are renowned for. Our display homes are conveniently located across South-West Sydney in Oran Park and Leppington Living and Homeworld.

Come see firsthand the range of customizable options available to you and get inspired to build your dream home with Everyday Homes. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process of building your dream home. Contact us today to schedule a visit to one of our stunning display homes in Sydney or pop in during business hours. 


Beautiful Display Homes in Sydney

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Explore our impressive collection of display homes across South West Sydney to get a firsthand experience of what it is to live in an “Everyday Home”. Witness the high-quality finishes and get a sense of the home design that perfectly matches your needs. Our diverse range of both single and double storey home designs and our exclusive dual living display homes offers something for everyone. Our knowledgeable Sales Consultants are always available at each display to address any queries you may have. Whether you’re a first home buyer, or an investor or just want to pop in and say hello - come and visit us today to find your dream home!

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What should you do before visiting a display village in Sydney?

To start your home buying journey, it's important to have a clear idea of your must-haves in a home. Jot down your desired elements, like the number of bedrooms and other features that are essential for you. Additionally, it's helpful to consider your budget beforehand. While it's okay to explore display homes without a set budget, having a general range in mind will help your sales consultant guide you towards homes that are most suitable for you.

When you visit us, remember to bring your notes, questions, a pen, paper, and your smartphone to take pictures of the homes you love. Our sales consultants will take it from there and guide you through the process.

Should you have any questions, please call us, or use our contact form.