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Building Process Ready Built Homes

Building a new home is a special experience, and at Everyday Homes, we take pleasure in being a part of that journey with you. We are committed to helping you choose the ideal design and guide you through every step until you finally receive the keys to your dream home. Our approach is to work alongside our customers throughout the entire building process, with our dedicated team providing support and assistance at every stage. Our ultimate objective is to make your home building experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.


Securing Your Ready Built Home Package – Select Package

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✔️ Client pays a non-refundable payment of $500.00

✔️ Sales person emails to

✔️ Client information Sheet completed

✔️ Solicitors Details

✔️ Client’s drivers licence

✔️ Brochure

✔️ Details of any additional inclusions etc

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✔️ Our contracts department prepares Contract of Sale and Sales Advice & emails it to purchaser’s solicitor.

✔️ Purchaser pays deposit to our solicitor’s trust account.

✔️ Solicitors exchange Contracts.

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✔️ Once we receive the Occupation Certificate, it is provided to the purchaser’s solicitor.

✔️ Settlement is scheduled to take place approx. 2 to 3 weeks after receiving the Occupation Certificate depending on the timeframe noted in the special conditions in the contract of sale.

✔️ Purchaser walks through the home with site supervisor and salesperson.

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✔️ Once we receive confirmation from our solicitors that settlement has taken place the purchasers are contacted to pick up the keys to the home from our office and handover takes place.

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Defects liability and Warranty Care

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✔️ A one-time inspection day to address any issues will be scheduled on agreed date with customer

Customer Requirements
  • Customer to submit a one time list of items within 90 days after settlement.


* Rectification works are completed Monday to Friday between 7am – 3.30pm unless agreed between trade

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