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Many large home builders construct hundreds of homes each year, sometimes more. This means they’re probably working on upwards of 40 homes each month, or 10 homes each week!

At Everyday Homes, we build close to 100 homes a year. This ensures each home receives the attention and quality craftsmanship it deserves.

Our COREBUILD system stemmed from the drive to ensure all our homes are built for Australian conditions.

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The COREBUILD system ensures the core structural elements of your home are built well above the minimum Australian standards.


All of our slabs are engineered to be 18% thicker than the minimum building requirements. Our TOUGHSLAB provides a robust foundation for the home to be built on.


Our frames are constructed more than 15% above the Australian Framing code, making it a stronger, straighter structure with less movement.


38% of total energy consumption in a home is due to heating & cooling. Windows play a key role in insulating your home against outside temperatures. We have a large range of energy rated windows, handpicked for their strength and market leading energy efficiency.


Your home needs to hold its value and strength. Each home is designed to incorporate brickwork at its core, rather than having a lightweight cladding or paint finish and not knowing what’s underneath. A bricklayer by trade, our managing director handpicks all our bricklayers. In fact, he has been awarded numerous industry awards - even competing in the Trade Skills Olympics and obtaining a Guiness Record as part of a team working on the construction of a home.


The maintenance period is the stage following completion of construction of your home during which the builder is responsible for certain maintenance issues under the building contract. At Everyday Homes, we offer a 180 day maintenance period - double the industry standard. This means we stand by the quality of our craftsmanship, and you have almost 6 months to let us know if there are any issues.

When it comes to building your home, know that you will be satisfied with the COREBUILD System, proudly built by Everyday Homes.

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