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"There are only three types of homes I need in my life. My TODAY home, my Tomorrow Home and my EVERYDAY Home."

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Tomorrow Homes by Everyday Homes has been created specifically for those needing or wanting two integrated living spaces either under the same roof or as a separate dwelling on the same block of land. These homes are known as Dual Living Homes or Granny Flats and have been designed to think of your Tomorrow. Whether it be for extended family, senior’s living, student accommodation, or as an extra form of income, a Tomorrow home will surely set you up for your future living. Purchasing a Tomorrow Home has many advantages including:

  • An Investment dream, including high percentage rental return
  • Better borrowing capacity
  • Ideal for those wanting to live in one, and collect rent from the other
  • Rental returns that can help towards mortgage repayments
  • Both homes have fully separated services (gas, water, electrical etc.)
  • Ideal for those families with older children/parents who want to have their own space but still live under the same roof

As the original founders of the “Home within a Home” design Tomorrow Homes by Everyday Homes are pioneers in dual living constructions. You are guaranteed the same dedicated team designed to deliver quality, affordability and the experience of over 40 years into each and every home built. If you’re planning for your future, then a Tomorrow Home is for you.

As Everyday Homes celebrates and commemorates 40 years of building in 2021, the company has meticulously combined its extensive experience and reputable knowledge gained over their successful 40 years to create the story of Today Homes and Tomorrow Homes.

Live well… Today, Tomorrow, Everyday

As we live our lives and grow, our needs change in so many different ways. Apart from the obvious changes we don’t realise how our homes impact our everyday life. To live well in your home today, tomorrow and everyday is our philosophy.

This is why Everyday Homes has developed

Tomorrow Homes.