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Customise your home to fit your life within your budget

Inspiration, Everyday Homes

Just like us humans, no home is ever the same. What makes a house a home is that personal touch that turns your property from just walls and floors to a distinct living space. At Everyday Homes, we go beyond the traditional designs of modern-day living.

With our Build & Buy and Designer range options, we help build personalised homes that are tailored to our clients needs. Our commitment to customisation is matched by our dedication to affordability, allowing you to design your perfect home within your budgetary constraints. 

Build & Buy

Discovering the perfect blend of customisation and simplicity has never been easier with Everyday Homes' Build & Buy tool. This intuitive feature streamlines the building process, offering preselected options to help you envision your space before construction begins. From floor plans to facades, colour schemes, and material choices, we provide a diverse range of Build & Buy options tailored to your requirements. Whether selecting from curated interior and exterior colour schemes or personalising your floor plan with pre-designed structural options, our transparent pricing ensures a straightforward and gratifying journey to designing your dream home. Explore our pre-selected Build & Buy options, showcasing our popular modern architectural designs, and rest assured that your home will fulfil all your personal needs with just a few clicks.

The Build & Buy feature goes beyond our design options... empowering you to prioritise the areas that matter most within your budget. Tailor your home or investment precisely to your preferences by choosing from our silver, gold, and platinum packages for various aspects of your home, including kitchen, bathrooms, structure, laundry, security, flooring, electrical, and overall comfort. This flexibility in design and budget makes this feature one of the most sought-after options at Everyday Homes.

For a simplified customisation and budget-friendly option, Everyday Homes' Build & Buy tool helps you visualise the perfect fit for your home without the stress and hassle. 


Crafting your dream home is easier than ever with Everyday Homes' Build & Buy tool, offering a seamless blend of customisation and simplicity.

Designer range

Everyday Homes' Designer range offers a wide selection of high-quality standard features.While offering flexibility in design, allowing you to customise the home to suit your needs. With the option to utilise our in house architect and custom design your home based on a set budget. We focus on providing essential build elements that surpass the norm in durability and reliability, from the kitchen to the home's exterior. This grants you the flexibility to customise and enhance your living space according to your tastes and needs. At Everyday Homes, our Designer range allows you to design a home that genuinely mirrors your lifestyle, all within your financial means. Plus, our comprehensive contract and statutory adherence give you added peace of mind. Explore the possibilities of tailoring your home to suit your life affordably with the Designer range by Everyday Homes.

Design Hub

Everyday Homes' Design Hub serves as the ideal launchpad for transforming your dream home into a reality. Manned by seasoned design consultants, this hub provides practical guidance on the latest trends, offering a solid foundation for your creative vision. Whether it's a multigenerational one/two-story home, a granny flat, or a dual-occupancy home, our consultants will work with you to help put your vision into action, delivering your distinct and very own aesthetically pleasing living space.

Everyday Homes prioritise the belief that your home should mirror your lifestyle, and our Design Hub ensures precisely that. From trend exploration to collaborative efforts with our consultants, this journey towards a personalised and aesthetically pleasing environment starts here. Let your creative spirit run wild, and with the help of our experts, you will be rewarded with a home that you can proudly say is uniquely yours. 

Everyday Homes is committed to transforming houses into homes by offering personalised options that cater to each client's unique needs and preferences. We empower individuals to create distinct living spaces that reflect their lifestyles and tastes. Our dedication to affordability ensures that designing your dream home remains within reach without compromising on quality or customisation. At Everyday Homes, we understand that the personal touch makes a house a home, and we are here to guide you every step of your journey to creating your perfect home.